Google Keeps Pushing Scams

It is really starting to piss me off in no uncertain terms. I keep getting the same ad that I wrote about the last time. The last few times I paid more attention to who registered the ad with Google; it was always some “unverified” entity in Kazakhstan. I also looked around the CZ interwebs on the stories of people who fell for it and they reported that there usually was someone with strong Russian accent involved.

Every time I block the ad, and I report it. And that is where it becomes bizarre. Sometimes Google responds that they will take the ad down. Sometimes they respond that the ad exists no more and they cannot actually verify it. And twice they actually answered that the ad will remain because it is OK!

I am 100% sure that it is the same ad because it is the ONLY ad that I have ever reported to Google. I do not understand how this can be happening. There is something seriously wrong with Google ad vetting.


  1. says

    Marketing is all scams, of some form or another, anyway.

    The ad market is inherently set up to sink to the lowest common denominator, which is dick pills and nostrums, as the car companies and more expensive products realize that people don’t buy a car based on an online ad -- what’s left? dick pills, then eventually fake dick pills, then eventually you pay for dick pills and get nothing.

  2. sqlrob says

    Same as it ever was. I blocked Google ads after reporting these instances, which should give you an idea of how long ago it was.

    “Get your free PS3 here” -- It was announced, still didn’t exist
    “Download Phantom Menace here” -- it was still in theaters.

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