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My mother used to knit and we still have two straight knitting machines of a solid metal build. I did learn how to knit as a child but I already forgot it all and it is unlikely that I will ever need it. My mother-made sweaters have served me well for years by now and I expect them to continue to serve well for enough years to not need a replacement.

She has also knitted several pairs of thick socks that come in handy on winter travels when I need to sleep in some poorly heated room. Or when the winter is so cold that despite heating, sitting at the PC gives me cold feet. But we do not have a circular knitting machine, all the socks she has made had to be made by hand. Thus I have enjoyed watching a circular knitting machine in action because that was the first time I saw it.

Pity the machine seems to be made of cheap 3D printed plastic. It won’t have the durability that my mother’s knitting machines have – those are still fully functional after decades of intensive use.

If you are interested in knitting and its history, Engineering Knits has a lot of videos on that topic.


  1. kestrel says

    OMG I have one of these! Except mine is actually an antique one that was made about 1924, and is not light-weight plastic -- mine weighs about 35 pounds (15.87 kilos) and the cylinder seems be solid brass. They are not easy to learn to use, but very cool once you get the hang of it. Mine is a very steam-punk looking thing so it’s actually neat just to look at. Here’s a page with photos of the type I’ve got: http://www.victiques.com/Knit_Museum/Mas1920.htm

  2. says

    @Kestrel That’s an heirloom for sure!

    Knitting is the one thing I never learned. Crocheting? Sure! (not my favourite thing, but occasionally I crochet small amigurumis). Embroidery? No problem! Sewing? Is that even a question? Knitting? Who allowed that damn thread to jump off that useless slipper needle? I could become friends with a machine. I have a couple of plastic looms that will yield bobble hats and pulse warmers.

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