Beading: A Promise of Cherries

And the flowers of spring.

These ones are a bit different from my usual work, where the effect is created by artfully and precisely stringing beads. These two are created by stringing a lot of beads together. Nobody will ever notice if the leaves are three seed beads apart or four, just that there’s a lot of them.

Selfie of a middle aged woman wearing a necklace made from Bohemian beads and wax pearls. Detailed description of necklace in the next pic

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Close up of the necklace around the neck. The necklace is about 1" in diameter and consists of irregularly strung beads in the shape of flowers and leaves in red, green white and gold.

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Same as last image, necklace lying on the table

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I al

Small earrings with white glass flowers and green leaves

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so made some matching earrings with the leftover beads:


The bracelet actually came first. It’s in my favourite colour: all the hues of blue. The technique is the same for both: A row of large seed beads is strung up and then you keep adding  the different elements, always working from one end to the other, spacing them more or less regularly.


Close up of the bracelet

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Bracelet made from blue and green Bohemian glass beads. The beads are in the shape of leaves and flowers, alternating in an irregular but very dense pattern. Bracelet seen worn on wrist.

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Same bracelet lying on a wooden table

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Same bracelet, lying on a table formed as a ring

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There’s another major difference between this project and the usual ones: cost. A normal bracelet /set of earrings hast a cost of a few bucks. Even the “Mermaid” one was definitely under 10€ , even with the Bohemian crystals. these are quite expensive. Sure, one bag of flower beads or leaves isn’t much, just around 3 €, but you need a lot o them, so each piece comes down to 35 to 40 € is beads alone, hours worked not counted.  I’ll call them my easter gift, I could spend money more foolishly.


  1. kestrel says

    That really goes well with your hair. Lovely work, and it looks great on you.

    Sounds like you are keeping them and that is the right thing to do -- they just look like “you” somehow. ?? Don’t know how to express it.

  2. Jazzlet says

    All lovely, but I like the blue bracelet the best, because blue. The ‘lapiz lazuli’ beads are particularly lovely.

  3. says

    Thank y’all for the compliments

    Yeah, I’m keeping them. Even though the jewelry board ist threatening to collapse on my head. I firmly believe in having a space that neither needs to be optimised nor monetised. I do give away pieces for the joy of making people happy.

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