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It is not as if somebody complained, but I do not wish to constantly “knife up the joint” at FtB anyway, so I have finally, reluctantly, made an Instagram account to share pictures of knifemaking and knives. If nobody minds, I will still post longer written articles about knives and knife-making here, but only for bigger or more special projects, whereas on Instagram will be snippets and pictures and off-the-cuff thoughts. Probably mostly about knives. There may be some garden pictures in due time too.

There won’t be any sexy photos of my beautiful body in lingerie or insights into my lavish lifestyle with expensive gadgets, that I can promise for sure.

If you are interested, here is a link – click -.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I like your knifemaking articles, also.

    I think your Instagram will have the some of sharpest content on the platform. And I do know that innovative home-made gadgets are more your style.

  2. amts says

    Add mine to the list of nyms liking your knife posts here. I respect your feelings of course but don’t think they were ‘knifing up’ the place.

  3. lochaber says

    I also enjoy the posts.

    Also, it’s nice to read about some of this stuff on a left-leaning website, I’ve long ago stopped reading various knife maker/collector/etc. forums because they tend to be over run by far right “oathkeepers”/3%ers/Qanon assholes, as well as people who are afraid to go on a grocery run without an assault rifle, a handgun, and sever magazines of ammo for each…

  4. says

    It’s a shame you felt the need to move that to instagram. I enjoy making things and seeing other makers’ work.

    But I dislike being a product for facebook to exploit. So all their domains (including whatsapp and instagram) are blocked on my network.

    Please reconsider.

  5. says

    @Great America Satan, making the FtB look hardcore is, I admit, an aspect that I have completely failed to appreciate. Knives are, sadly, mostly the domain of right-wing nutjobs, as lochaber notes.
    @rsmith, I am not exactly moving to Instagram, you need not worry. I will still post my knives and knife-making (and other things making) articles here, just on Instagram there will be probably slightly more pictures with a lot less talking.

  6. Jazzlet says

    I’m glad there will still be knives here Charly, I don’t do instagram and I like seeing what you are making.

  7. avalus says

    FtB already is hardcore, because there are hardcorely awesome people here ;)
    The knifes make it METAL!

    I’ll leave myself out …

    No, thats cool, I hope with Insta you get more people notice your knifes! Should I ever get on the ‘gram, I will add you (Follow? Stalk? Nail?) I will enjoy your knives and texts here anyway :)

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