Bumblebee Rescue!

The weather has been a rollercoaster these last weeks, with 20° four weeks ago and light snow over the last few days. What’s more, the weather changes every 10 minutes and 500 metres. And all of this while the first bumblebees are out, seeking nectar from the first flowers. Then they get hit by the snow and almost freeze to death. If I find them, I take them in for a snack and some warmth. They are gentle creatures and will snuggle in your hand.

Click for cute!

Look at that tongue! Like a flying ant eater.


  1. lumipuna says

    Last year, I installed an insect hotel at my glasshouse balcony (I keep the glasses partly open in summer, so insects can fly in and out). It was colonized by a few solitary nesting bees in early summer. I expect their their offspring is going to hatch and fly away sometime in April-May when the first flowers are open.

    Now, since the glasshouse effect on sunny spring days, I worry the young bees might hatch too early in the spring, and be then exposed to cold weather and lack of flowers. So I cut some pussy willow twigs and placed them in a water bucket at my balcony. With some luck, they will open to bloom earlier than they’d normally do outdoors, and provide some nectar and pollen for the bees.

    Though with my usual luck, it’s likely that the young bees will immediately leave the shelter of the glasshouse through any cracks they can find, and then promptly freeze to death outdoors.

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