Dakota Access Pipeline -Finally Some Good News

Court ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down for the time being and do all the environmental impact studies it has neglected.


This was hard-won, and hopefully, it won’t be temporary. Humanity needs to wean itself off oil, and as long as the USA doesn’t do that, nobody will. The USA really is leading the world – by example. Unfortunately, a bad example.


  1. says

    Yes, that’s a bright spot of good news, shining through the clouds of shit hitting the fan everywhere.

    It has been lauded as a major victory, and it seems to be, but I’m afraid the other shoe will drop and Trump will order Barr to interfere in the decision.

    The main important thing is that all these decisions raise the cost of pipelines significantly, and eventually they will no longer be economically viable regardless of who wants to build them. That is a very important role of the protests: bleed the bastards.

  2. says

    Marcus, I take any good news that are out there and I try to avoid bad news, there is an overabundance of those for my mental health to cope.

  3. voyager says

    How wonderful. A win like this gives me hope -- we’re fighting pipelines in Alberta and oil tankers off the coast of B.C.

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