The Art of Book Design: What Can a Woman Do? Her Position in the business and Literary World

M. L. Rayne. What can a woman do? Her position in the Business and Literary World. Petersburgh, N.Y., Eagle Publishing Co., [c1893].

What can a woman do? It turns out she can do a lot, according to the author, who goes on to discuss the need for increased educational and vocational training opportunities. It’s a fascinating look at feminism during the time of the Suffragette Movement in America.


via: The Internet Archive


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    I have a related book, “101 things that a smart girl can do.” I have been meaning to post about it, but first I need to repair it by adding a few ideas of my own, like: “be prime minister of Germany” and “invent spread spectrum communications” or “start the world’s largest internet infrastructure company and a makeup line for goth girls” etc. It turns out girls can do a lot. I won’t mention “grab a republican by the nutsack and squeeze it ’till it pops” but it’s tempting.

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