In Need of Cute

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The bunnies, back in late summer. I think we can all do with some cute. You know your blogging team is all struggling with personal and health shit, so, sorry for neglecting you a tad. I had a busy week, because the world is a shitty place for kids and sometimes you can help, at other times you can’t and that’s the hardest part because all you can do then is keep your files up to date to prove you did everything you could. I’m taking that kind of shit hard. And because my mind is constantly working on 10 things at the same time while also forgetting some rather simple things I managed to damage both my front and my back bumper in two different but equally stupid events the same day after 20 years of driving without any accidents. Duh.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you for the cute!

    It isn’t you neglecting us, it’s you surviving! As you know. Much love!

  2. voyager says

    Thanks for the cute! They are adorable rabbits. They look so soft, I just want to pet them.
    Hang in there, Giliell. We’d all rather you didn’t have so much stress, so please don’t worry about the blog. I hope your holidays will start soon and that the only kids you’ll be worried about will be your own.

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