More Barcelona

It seems that Giliell’s photos of Barcelona have inspired Opus to share a few pictures of his own.

I was struck by the Sagrada Familia pictures and dove back into my picture files. These are from long before I purchased my first ‘real’ camera, but the nighttime shots of Casa Batlio are still among my favorites. If you need one for the front page I’d suggest Casa Batlio 2, but I’m biased: too much time with this as a child:

Reptiles and Amphibians Familiar American Species

Casa Batlio 2 ©Opus, all rights reserved

Casa Batlio 1 ©Opus, all rights reserved

Casa Mila 1 ©Opus, all rights reserved

CAsa Mila 2 ©Opus, all rights reserved

Sagrada Family ©Opus, all rights reserved


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