V is for Vermilion

V is for Vermilion ©Nightjar, all rights reserved


A brilliant red pigment originally obtained from the mercury-containing ore cinnabar. It usually has a slight orange tint to it, much like the petals of this Zinnia flower.


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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The zinnia is slightly impressionistic.

    In Finnish, the colour would be sinooperinpunainen, then (sinooperi = cinnabar, punainen = red). The watercolour set I got for in use at school (probably with non-toxic pigments, i was at 4th or 5th grade and) had vermilion as the other red and crimson? (karmiininpunainen) as the other. I’d imagine the kind of set of six colours would be fairly common (crimson, vermilion, ultramarine blue , Prussian blue, cadmium yellow and chrome yellow).

    I was incredibly useless at using the watercolours.

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