Jack’s Walk

Not the bunny in the story, but he’s cute! © voyager, all rights reserved

I swear this is a true story.

Last evening after supper Jack and I took a short stroll down to the end of our street. On our way back home we spotted a rabbit sitting in the middle of the sidewalk a few houses ahead. The rabbit was small and looked young and he was watching us approach and not moving – basically, frozen with fear and that “Oh, shit, now what do I do feeling.” We approached slowly – Jack has been taught not to chase anything alive and I was sure the bunny would finally bolt when we got closer. Nope. Jack amiably walked up to the rabbit and then bent down and took a sniff. Well, that rabbit turned his head and then rubbed his nose on Jack’s nose and the two of them just stood there for a moment looking at each other. Finally, the rabbit got up on his hind legs and gave Jack a good sniff or two and then he slowly hopped away into the shadows. Jack waited for me to tell him “let’s go” and then he ambled home slowly, deep in contemplation. I got the feeling that Jack was right pleased with the encounter and couldn’t quite believe that it had happened. Me, too.


  1. voyager says

    Thanks, chigau,
    I think so, too.

    Ice Swimmer,
    Ha! Yes, it seems Jack likes to fish, but not hunt.

  2. Jazzlet says

    That reminds me of the time I was sharing a flat with a friend, I was woken up one night by my then boyfriend putting a white rabbit on my chest and saying “look what we found!”, I grunted and went back to sleep. Woke up the next morning and though “white rabbit? No” only to get up to find a white rabbit wandering round the room. Friend’s dog Merry was fascinated by the rabbit and seemed to think that it was a puppy requiring cleaning, he spent so long gently washing the rabbit that we had to seperate them as the rabbit was getting soaked through, We ended up putting the rabbit in the bathroom both to keep Merry away from it and to stop it gnawing on things, particularly books -- bad bunny. It took a couple of weeks to track down the owner, meanwhile when anyone visited and asked to use the bathroom we’d say “Of course, but don’t let the white rabbit out”, they’d give us a ‘ha yeah, rabbbit, riiiiiight’ look, toddle off to the bathroom only to return exclaiming “You really have got a white rabbit in your bathroom!”.

    I’m afraid Jake would not be so gentle, but Jack is a true gentleman <3

  3. says

    My sister’s dog was BFF with her bunny (though I am firmly convinced that the dog never considered himself a dog).
    They’d sleep together in his basket, he’d groom the bunny, etc. When tge bunny died, the poor dog was heartbroken and kept on looking for him.

  4. voyager says

    That’s a weird story. I like it.

    That’s a sweet story. I like it, too.

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