Some deer are not very smart people

This morning a small group of deer visited the garden, probably the doe and last year’s youngsters. They went foraging a bit and when they wanted to leave, one of them had painted itself into a corner, with the absence of paint and a meaningful corner.

You have to imagine the gardens as one big rectangle cut into four parts. At the head of two of them, are the semi detached houses of us and our neighbour with the gardens that belong to the houses, both with fences (mostly) all around. Behind that are the two gardens we both rented from the city, only that ours is still  a work in progress while our neighbour’s is basically abandoned, because tearing down the garden house would be much more costly than paying the rent. There’s only a partial fence between those areas, but the neighbour’s is closed to the woods while ours is open, which is where the deer entered.

One of the then went to the neighbour’s place and you can guess what happened, it didn’t find its way back. While mum and sibling were waiting on the other side of the fence, it took the youngster about half an hour to realise it needed to walk back towards the houses and cross into our garden so it could leave again.

They’re still cute.

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© Giliell, all rights reserved

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© Giliell, all rights reserved
It’s amazing how well they’re hidden when they don’t move.

© Giliell, all rights reserved
Probably not a deer. Deer are shy. This one looked at me like it was contemplating my right to remain alive.



  1. johnson catman says

    I think the last one is a “dear” instead of a “deer”. At least, probably to someone. It looks well fed, so I would speculate not a feral.

  2. says

    Nope, I don’t have pets. There are a couple of cats in the neighborhood and their reaction to me being present on my own property ranges from STARTLED! (every time. That one cat is dumber than deer) to planing my departure from planet earth.

  3. says

    They don’t have much room for brains in their brain-holders. I saw one jump into the side of a panel truck, once. Since the truck was barely moving, the deer just went “tud” off the side and looked perplexed. We were all perplexed.

  4. kestrel says

    Yeah… animals do this… not just deer. When you build a fence for livestock, you should put the gate in the corner because that’s where animals will look for the way out. Now, it’s harder to brace up a gate properly at the corner, so a lot of people build the gate in the side along the fence, where it’s easier to build. Then they spend the next however many years swearing and sweating because the stock will persistently go to the corner to get out. It’s really difficult to work them through a gate in the middle of the fence line, and some days it seems like it’s impossible. There are occasions where an older animal figures it out, but you’re bound to have others who just can’t get there from here.

  5. voyager says

    I agree with Jazzlet. That cat is not your friend.
    As for the deer, they’re lovely. Who needs smarts when you can camouflage like that.
    (Also, aren’t your bunnies considered pets?)

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