Harakka Island in Autumn: Introduction

We’re starting a new series today from Ice Swimmer. It’s a follow-up to his series last fall Harakka an Island and it’s full of colour which has been missing from my part of the world for months.  I invite you all to sit back and enjoy as Ice Swimmer takes us on a tour.

Introduction: Approaching and Arrival on Saturday

This series is about the island Harakka in Helsinki. I revisited Harakka in October 2018, about three months after the first visits in July 2018. As in July. I actually went there twice. The first visit in October was on Saturday afternoon and the second was the next day, Sunday, also in the afternoon.

1. Harakka in Autumn. ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

It was Saturday. The weather was overcast and there was fog over the sea. Autumn colours, green grass and moss as well as red and gray buildings and gray rocks could be seen on the island.

2. Ullanlinna Jetty on Saturday. ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

Seen from the jetty, the park Kaivopuisto was also wearing autumn colours.

3. Call. ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

It was time put up the signal and call the boat to Harakka.

4. Boots. ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

While waiting for the boat to arrive, I put on my rubber boots.

5 Crossroads,. ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

The jetty is just to the right. The road signs read, from top to bottom: Casemates I-IV, Artists’ Building, Telegraph, Janitor, Aquarium Building, Nature Centre, Vellamo, Bird Watching Shelter.

In the next part, we’ll be on the southern part of Harakka, on the rocks that were guarded by gulls and geese in the summer.

Thanks, Ice Swimmer. I’m going to enjoy this.

(There is one small admin note and that is that there will be a link to the previous post with each new post. I thank everyone who has given me feedback on this. I have returned to Ice Swimmer’s original series and added links there as well. Here is the link to the last post of the series, Harakka an Island:Chapter 10. You can go backwards from there. The link at the beginning of this post links to the first post of the series, Harakka an Island: Introduction)


  1. Nightjar says

    Yay! I’m sure I’m going to love visiting Harakka again through your photos, now in a different light.

    Speaking of light, I’m loving the light in the last shot. And the colours.

  2. rq says

    Oh, the lovely autumn colours! This is going to be great!
    My favourite is the island portrait in the first photo.

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