Driftwood Art

This short informative video caught my eye the other day:

The CBC covered the artist a couple of years ago:

When Alex Witcombe decided to make a raptor from driftwood, he never thought it would get so much attention.

The Comox Valley resident enjoys strolling on beaches and looking at the driftwood, and that became his studio space.

“I like the gnarly pieces,” he says. “Ones with character.”

One summer day he was walking on Stories Beach in Campbell River when he was just inspired by the driftwood and got to work, building ‘Sheila the dinosaur’ in just a day.

And now he does animals, aliens, and imaginary beasts, too! He’s also on Instagram. Here’s a couple more samples, via Seashore Inspirations:

And my favourite:



  1. voyager says

    What incredible art. His sculptures have so much personality.
    The artist must spend many hours wandering the beaches looking for materials. I wonder if he needs an assistant?

  2. Jazzlet says

    Those statues are such fun!

    I am seriously jealous of the amount of driftwood on that beach.

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