Jack’s Walk

I think the winter weather is here to stay. Today we’ve been getting intermittent bouts of snow with gusting winds and it’s a bit nasty. I even resorted to wearing my fuzzy hat with the ear flaps that makes me look like an ewok. It’s not a good look for me so instead I give you Jack who needs no earflaps because his are built in. I hope all of  you are finding ways to keep warm.

He’s been waiting for the snow, ©voyager, all rights reserved


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    High wind blowing snow into the face is something I’ve hated since I was a kid.

    Today I wore my woollen overcoat on my way to sauna and back. In sauna it was fine without the coat. The sea was 3 °C and provided a fine counterpoint to the hot sauna (and yes, unlike Jack, I don’t swim with my coat on, just swimming trunks, hair and beard, the woollen coat might get a bit heavy after being in the sea).

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