Jack’s Wallk

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The sunshine has returned and it’s a lovely autumn day. Jack and I decided that it was a perfect kind of day to go for a walk in the woods and instead of our usual little forest path, Trillium Woods, we went to a place called Vansittart Woods. It’s just out of town to the west and it belongs to our local school board who use it to educate kids about nature and camping. There’s an easy trail that winds through mixed hardwood and fir trees and eventually it connects to another trail that goes through open meadowland. Doing both trails is a bit much for Bubba (Jack’s nickname) and me so we stick to the short manageable forest path. Today the ground was covered with a blanket of newly fallen leaves and I found myself swishing my feet and kicking them up to make the leaves dance and to hear that wonderful crinkling, crackling, whooshing sound.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    I did swoosh the leaves when I came back home from the learning centre.

    I think Jack has more like a tree camouflage than a leaf camouflage. It’s lovely picture of Jack and the forest. The light, the shadow and Jack’s expression.

  2. Nightjar says

    I just love Jack’s expression. And what a beautiful autumn light illuminating the trees in the background, so lovely!

  3. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Jayne and I did a bit of leaf swooshing here, too. Leaf Fall is only about half done here, and I refuse to bag them and send them to the garbage dump. I just run the lawn mower over them to shred them, and let them compost over the winter/spring cycle, as fertilizer for next year’s ground cover, which I haven’t done yet.
    Leaf swooshing is a great descriptor, I had not thought of it like that before. Now, I can dance through the yard, with Jayne, swooshing my way through the leaves, imagining ballet, ballroom, country, or rock dancing to the music of the leaves, as I cross the yard for the joy of the sounds.
    I’ll try it in the morning with Jayne, to see if he approves.

  4. dakotagreasemonkey says

    I was awful worried about you when the hurricane winds hit your country. I am really glad you’re OK.

  5. Nightjar says


    Thank you. As I said in TNET 15, it was very frightening but thankfully there were no deaths. Just a lot of damage in my district, mostly trees and roofs. Next Friday I shall be volunteering at the university’s botanical garden, it was so badly affected they don’t even know when they can reopen and are now asking for help.

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