People at a demonstratiopn at night

Source: Tagesschau

Unteilbar, adjective, German: inseparable.

Sometimes, there are good news, things that give you hope. Yesterday such a thing happened. In Berlin (and other cities), people protested against racism, xenophobia and attenpts to split society along ethnic, national and religious lines, against Nazis and in favour of rescuing refugees. It was a broad alliance of parties, churches, organisations, unions prominent people*. The organisers had hoped for and registered the demonstration for 40.000 people. Those 40.000 people came and brought 200.000 more along with them.

But today there’s a general election happening in Bavaria, the Texas of Germany. Let’s see what happens there.


*The conservative party explicitly did not support it because of “radical left wing organisations”, which they’ll keep complaining about until the moment they themselves will be prohibited as such.


  1. kestrel says

    This is great news indeed… may it continue well today. How amazing when people work together! United we stand etc.

  2. says

    I am afraid that the Alternative Faschisten Deutschland are this time around going to get their foot firmly on the ground in Bavarie, something they did not manage last time. The rhetoric “those lazy migrants get everything for free whilst I have to work for mine” seems to be gaining traction around me.

  3. kurt1 says

    Yeah, but on a brighter note it’s the CSU and AfD fighting for the same demographic and predictions show the Green Party with 18% of the vote. At the moment the AfD is not willing to form a coalition with the CSU, leaving only the centrist Freie Wäler (Free Voters). And the AfD will stay an opposition party, which is probably a smart move, having no realy policies except their opposition to migration and advocacy for humans drowning in the mediteranian.

  4. says

    Yeah, the results from Bavaria basically say that:
    1) I’ve you’re fascist leaning you’ll vote for the AfD, no matter how far right the CSU moves.
    2) If you used to be on the liberal side of the CSU, you move to the Frei Wähler or the “Libertarials”.
    3) If you used to vote for Labour you’ve given up and vote green

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    I don’t know if it’s for better or for worse, but the one-party system in Bavaria seems to have ended.

    Yay for the Unteilbar demonstrations.

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