I got mail

One of the good things about my neighbourhood is that I almost never have to pick up stuff at the post office. Only usually I know that I ordered something, but this time, I was quite surprised when my neighbour rang the bell. Surprise quickly turned into delight when I saw who sent it. Marcus, who has previously sent me some very nice fridge magnets I asked for sent me a surprise parcel.

First, upon opening, it smelled like Christmas, because there was some incense. Did you make that yourself as well, Marcus?

Then I unwrapped a badge (I assume) that is meant to cover the tank lid, but I added it to my office door below the Unicorn sign:

Dorr sign with a unicorn and a "fuel rats" badge below

The sign above says “eat my stardust you bores”.

Kid #1 is wondering about the hole in the rat’s belly.

Next there were two gorgeous bracelets. Marcus clearly experimented some more with the resin and the seashells.

The first one is all blue and a soft material:

Blue bracelet with seashells

Yes, that’s also the kitchen floor and my feet. ©Giliell

The second one is clear and blue and has gold speckles and I absolutely love it (I love the other one as well, just for the record).

I had to smooth the edges a little, I guess at what was the top while pouring the resin. This one is solid material.

clear, blue and gold bracelet with seashells


And there was another fridge magnet, but I decided I needed a necklace to go with the bracelets so I glued an eyelet to the back and added a leather cord.

Round blue fridge magnet with seashells turned into a necklace.

Not actually the shirt I would wear it with, but I was too lazy to change. I’m looking forward to wearing it to a solid black shirt.

Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise, Marcus. I already wore the first bracelet at work the next day and got many compliments from the kids.



  1. kestrel says

    Oooh what cool stuff! So beautiful, Also great idea to have a matching necklace, now you are all set. :-) Well done, Marcus!

  2. jazzlet says

    Oh and I don’t think the rat has a hole in it’s stomach, I think it has a cute white tummy.

  3. voyager says

    Gorgeous work, Marcus!
    Giliell, you might wear your new jewelry with a different outfit, but that shirt you’re wearing is fabulous!

  4. says

    Thanks. It’s one of my Desigual shirts, the only brand that can make me spend some actual money on clothing. I always justify the purchases with “I need good clothing for work” and end up with half the stuff being way too sexy for work…

  5. jazzlet says

    I’ve a friend who used to justify expensive purchases of clothes by how often she was likely to wear them, and actually used to divide the purchase price by the number of times she’d worn them until she ended up with the garment having cost pence per wear. I find it quite a helpful way to get over my reluctance to spend money on decent clothes ;-)

  6. Raucous Indignation says

    Marcus is most beneficent. I’m trying to figure out what kind of cocktail to make with the pickled beets he sent me. And, yes, of course there will be photos!

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