1. rq says

    This is beautiful -- a feasty time for garden beetles! My roses are out and the beetles areoving it. (Incidentally, this year’s first-to-bloom was, most unusually, a deep red I named after Giliell. Usually it’s the blue that gets its game on first, but not this year!)

  2. voyager says

    What pretty photos! Do the beetles and the ants help open the buds like they do with peonies?

  3. Nightjar says

    Thank you! The flowers are lovely and all, but I can’t wait for the fruits :)

    rq, I’d love to see your roses. Our garden has only a few roses, most planted by my grandmother decades ago, and is missing my favourite colours (yellow, orange and purple). We do have one that I love, a variegated rose that from a quick google search seems to be called “Black Dragon Rose”. That one is a beauty.

    voyager, I have no idea! I didn’t even know that about peonies, how interesting.

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