1. says

    That first dog, poor thing. Such a thick coat in the near tropical weather we have (and are not supposed to have).

  2. voyager says

    The last photo with the backlit tree is wonderful and I love the dog photos. They look so happy to meet and greet. Well, maybe not the Newfie. He just looks hot.

  3. rq says

    Dogs: aaaawwkwwaaaarrrrrd!! But so curious.
    And yes, the tree is awesome. So much bright light.

  4. says

    The Newfie seemed relatively happy (we spent a rather long time there as he belonged to the people who held basket weaving classes for kids). He would occasionally demand your attention by hitting you with his paw. He also did that to our friend’s dog (the collie/Australian shepherd mix) who was a little freaked out about being outsized so badly.

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