Jack’s Walk

It’s a sunny, warm day here and Jack felt like stopping to take a rest. He really isn’t fond of warm weather and right now he’s still wearing most of his winter coat so he heats up quickly. I think with weather like this, though, the annual shed is about to begin. It’s a laborious undertaking for both of us with hair that comes out in handfuls and more handfuls. You can brush him until your arms ache and still more hair comes.  It’s a tsunami of hair and there is just no way to stay on top of it. Let the vacuuming begin…

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    He really looks like he’s uncomfortable from the heat in that thick fur.

  2. says

    Oh, it’s always good to see Jack! I do not envy you that hair though. Jayne’s a short hair, and it’s still a fucktonne of hair. I get tempted to shave him this time of year.

  3. Onamission5 says

    I took two shopping bags of fur off Newman this week and have hardly made a dent. You all, people and doggos alike, have my commiseration.

    Since Mollie the Pyr joined our household sime 11 years ago I’ve frequently referred to spring blowout as “dog hair snow drift season.”

  4. rq says

    Time to collect all that wonderful wool and knit some socks! Folk medicine says it alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Who knows? At least you could sell them at a high price (Shed naturally!!)!
    And yeah, the season is upon us, too. Poor Ronja loses half of her visible mass in summer -- returns to her sleek, shiny look, rather than the fuzzball fashion preferred in winter.

  5. says

    Actually I think that on this picture he is saying “look at all the pretty green, I made that just for you!”
    Definite advantage of the bunnies: They simply shed their fur and while you have tufts of it blowing through the garden (I have the suspicion it may be used as nesting material), that’s about it.

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