Scandinavian Letters: Äng.


Äng is meadow in Swedish. The sunset picture is a variant version of a picture from the Laajalahti Nature Preserve I’ve used before and sent to this blog. While there are trees in the picture, there’s open land that is used for as a cow pasture there, in order to restore traditional seashore meadowland.

The night time picture is from summer 2017. I was walking home from my cousin’s wedding and decided to take some night photos.

Ä is used in at least Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and German. In different languages, different pronunciations are used, but it’s generally a wovel pronounced in the frontal part of the mouth. In Finnish and Swedish it’s the second to last letter in the alphabet.

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  1. rq says

    They are both captivatingly atmospheric. The misty mystery of sunset, but especially the magic of summer nights in the north. Yep, nights, not evenings.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, all!

    I don’t have many photos of meadows and February -- April isn’t a prime season to photograph them here so I re-edited the pasture picture and tried to get the most out of that grainy summer night shot.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, voyager & Giliell!

    BTW, the first photo was taken a bit before 11 pm, about three weeks before summer solstice and the second photo was taken about half past midnight, a bit more than a week before the solstice.

  4. Nightjar says

    They both have such a mysterious atmosphere to them, but the first one is just fascinating with all its layers. The grass, the trees, the mist, and that unbelievable sky.

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