Jack’s Walk

It’s winter around here again, complete with snow and ice. The temperature is well below zero and there is a bitter northeast wind. It’s so cold that I wore my long johns and two pairs of socks on our walk today and was still half-frozen by the time we got home. This photo is at one of Jack’s favorite stops. I call the tree Zelda the Messenger because this is where all the dogs in the neighbourhood choose to leave their pee-mail.

tree in winter

Zelda the Messenger

©voyager, all rights reserved



  1. says

    Zelda the Messenger, oh I love that! What a vital and important job she has, too. So sorry about the weather. Our latest blizzard seems to have given over to mud, but I’m not sure how long that will last.

  2. rq says

    The pee-mail tree! I love it. There’s always one, isn’t there.
    It’s a fantastic looking tree, too -- a real beauty. What is it, maple? Oak?

  3. says

    What species is Zelda? I would guess maple, but I am not too well versed in trees of North America.

    Pee-mail made me smile.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    Yes, possibly maple, but it is alone in the yard and has grown quite wide. Makes it harder for me to guess.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    A beautiful winter picture, but these kinds of conditions shouldn’t be there at that latitude and elevation in April. Hoping the spring will come back for you.

    It’s raining here and I think that will melt most of the snow left.

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