1. Ice Swimmer says

    Adorable. Munching in the shadows and trying to blend in them.

    I also love the other rattie’s tail and behind in this picture.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Looks like someone who has just swiped something off the table and is a bit guilty--a lot like a 3-year-old human. Great photo.

  3. says

    Thank you! Oh, their little hands, always a source of wonder. They are remarkably dexterous, and they are so much like ours.

  4. trollofreason says

    Oh my gosh! Lookit that fuzzy potato baby! Her teeny goblin hands! <3 <3 <3

    I've noticed that on a lot of ratblur (the best part of tumblr) the taters are often skittish around cameras. I wonder if it's because they perceive them as eyes? I mean, lenses and irises and digital retinas and stuff. Plus, rats are prey animals, so being observed must give them some unpleasant squiks… which is a shame, because rats are just so darn photogenic! I mean…. LOOKIT THAT CUTIE! <3 <3 <3 <#!!!!!!1

  5. says

    Oh, most of my crews haven’t been the least bit camera shy. Amelia loved having her photo taken. Valleray, in this photo, he was a rescue, there was a problem with trying to home him, as he had been badly treated. As a result of that, he was terribly shy and suspicious, and he needed people who would be patient with him. Valleray had a happy life with us, but he did remain shy, and wasn’t fond of having his photo taken.

  6. Patricia Phillips says

    I love watching the ratties eat. So cute. Yesterday we made some tiny pancakes for our rat girls and it was so cute watching them hold tiny pancakes in their paws and eat.

  7. trollofreason says

    Best part of owning rats? Putting them on your shoulder, when they’re comfortable with it, and then SNIFSNIFSNIFSNIFSNIFSNIFSNIFSNIF! right into your ear. Just the best!

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