1. says

    Cormorants, I love them.
    I have seen them a few times near the rivers.
    They are unfortunately a hated species. The fisherman claim they’re “stealing” their fish (water fowl eating fish, what a scandal) and because of their colour and sounds there is a lot of superstition.
    I love how they nicely contrast with the blue.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I’ve seen a great cormorant (in Finnish merimetso, sea capercaillie) once or twice. They have been making a return to Finnish coasts and archipelagos and also here they are disliked because they eat fish (true, but their impact on the kinds of fish that fishermen are catching isn’t well known) and because their excreta kills the trees on the islands they’re nesting on.

    Shags are very rarely seen here. They do have a name (karimetso, skerry capercaillie).

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