What Does God Need With A Blood Right?

Self-styled prophets teem like maggots, all of them desperate to be the one who called the shot, and in their desperation, reach farther and farther in a vain attempt to make connections. As usual, I had not heard of today’s “prophet”, Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska. Naturally, Kunneman claims to be known for a strong prophetic anointing.

…“That is why we have a president, right now, from New York,” he said. “It’s no coincidence. People, you can hate it if you want, but you are going to go against certain things that God has chosen to put His hand on.”

“New York City, the reason why—9/11, our nation was pierced, this nation has never been the same, the nations of the earth have never been the same, God is trying to re-establish a blood right,” Kunneman said. “It’s no coincidence the president is from New York, that is where the towers fell. He also is part of Trump Tower—the towers fell. He is part of world trade—the World Trade Center. God is revisiting this nation to establish a blood right. Who ever gets the blood right gets the legal right to rule.”

Is there any so blind as an American Christian? Other countries were dealing with terrorism long before we here in Ustates experienced it. If you leave the cutesy little word games aside, there isn’t any meat on that “prophecy”. And I have to ask, what does a god need with a blood right? Is that like a birth right? Christians are always trying to paint their god as all mighty, the ultimate strong man, and every result is the painting of a weak, puny creature helplessly bound by all manner of arcane rules, which of course, were created by the idiot god itself. Putting the god stuff aside, this sounds to me like an attempt to make a case for Holy Emperor Trump. I can hear Nero fiddling.


“This is more than just about who’s president, it’s about a blood right being established by God so that His glory can come,” Kunneman declared. “The enemy was working real hard to get the blood right, that is why it wants to keep aborting children, that is why it wants to continue its agenda so that it has the legal right to rule and to push the church out. God is coming. Nobody is going to remove His church.”

I get the idea that a whole lot of christians don’t have the slightest fucking idea of how government works, or that we don’t have kings, queens, and emperors here. As for ‘god is coming’, yeah, yeah, yeah. Christians have been saying that for a very long time, and it’s amazing, all the excuses you manufacture through the ages to try and cover up that ever obvious absence. As for “his church”, ummm, what church are we talking here? Pretty sure you don’t mean the catholic church, and there’s a whole lot of splintery christianity out there. Just once, I’d like to see you asses acknowledge just how splintery christianity is, and decide you can’t go any further until you resolve your differences, so when you “prophesy” about “the church” there’s just one. Not that it would ever happen, but at least you’d be too busy arguing for centuries to interfere with people.

I have to say, I was amused by Mr. Kunneman’s outfit, I think he might be a wannabe Elvis. You can read and see the whole thing at RWW.


  1. kestrel says

    Huh, yeah, blood. WTF. I read Dan Barker’s “God, the Most Unpleasant Character in all Fiction” which is about 90% simply quoting the bible. There is a chapter on blood that is virtually unreadable, it is so disgusting. With it all gathered together in one place like that you can see the bible was absolutely obsessed with blood. Way beyond reason or sense.

    Also yeah, god is “all mighty” but it’s apparently really easy to stop him. ??? That just makes no sense at all.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    A minor thing: I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Kunneman wasn’t fully sober in the clip on the RWW page.

    Inebriated or sober, he seems to spewing word salad with bullshit dressing.

  3. vucodlak says

    It’s hard to be certain, because Kunneman’s babbling is about as clear as mud, but he seems to be confusing a blood right with a blood rite.

    A blood right is basically a birth right, with (in this case at least) racist overtones. That seems to be what he’s going for with all his ‘establishing a right to rule’ talk. It’s about specific lineages or races. Hereditary monarchy is a blood right.

    A blood rite is a ritual sacrifice, which is definitely what the whole Jesus thing is about. Jesus didn’t have any descendants, according to the theology of most Christian sects, so no one can have a ‘blood right’ from Jesus. Ritual sacrifice is the only interpretation that makes sense in referring to abortion and 9/11, too.

    Blood rights vs. blood rites refer to two very different things. Kunneman goes back and forth between the two concepts as though they are the same. Sometimes he does it in the same sentence! You’d think someone with a direct line to an omniscient, infallible being wouldn’t make a mistake like that.

  4. busterggi says

    Yet apparently at least 40% of the US electorate wants a petty tyranical dictator whom they can’t trust as their ruler -- forver.

  5. says

    Vucodlak, yes, I think you’re quite right about the mixing of two things. Not that it helps to clarify anything, but that’s par for the course with all the “prophets”.

    In today’s search strings on my stats page: blood rihht rule nation. Hard as it is, I have to remember there are people who not only pay attention to such garbage, they believe it.

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