Sunday Facepalm.

My my, some truth dropped, by accident of course. From Steve Strang of Charisma Magazine, a hotbed of bullshit:

“What would you say to believers that are still struggling with Donald Trump because of his tweets, his bite-backs on people, some of his conduct, some of his language?” asked host Perry Atkinson. “What do you say?”

“I would tell them, ‘Get over it,’” Strang responded. “I mean, what leader is perfect?”

“Donald Trump is not perfect, he doesn’t pretend to be perfect, but what is he doing that is so terrible?” Strang continued. “I think that what happens is that people get a political mindset, they look at things from a certain political point of view—Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative—and then everything they see is through that filter. Our filter as Christians needs to be the word of God, it’s got to be Christian principles, those kinds of things. And on those kinds of things, nobody could be stronger than Donald Trump.”

So, the tweets, the back-biting, conduct, language, they don’t matter. There you have it. As for what is he doing that is so terrible? Oh my. Going by the christian sin list, wouldn’t that be everything? According to ol’ Steve here, the christian filter of the bible and christian principles allows for all those terrible, awful things which Jehovah promises to torture you forever for, if you indulge. In plain terms, christians are more than willing to embrace an obvious evil in order to get what they want. Good to know.

The whole thing is at RWW.


  1. says

    I would tell them, “Get over it! You’ve compromised yourself. You can never complain about ‘moral relativism’ again. As a moral nihilist, I greet you and offer you my hand, ‘comrade’.”

  2. Clovasaurus says

    …wow… he talks about trump as though trump were a misunderstood schoolyard bully who sometimes does bad things, but who cares right? just deal with it because he’s your supreme commander now! …this level of sycophantism hurts my brain…

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