1. jazzlet says

    Oh for summer! The light in the penultimate one looking over the reed beds to the water is just fantastic. Is that Helsinki in the distance?

  2. says

    Beautiful reminders of the summer. Superb pictures. Love the sceneries, the pine forests on the islands look so… romantic …aaargh.
    That is undoubtedly until one is caught on one of them in a storm with no shelter.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, all!

    Jazzlet @ 2

    Actually not. The last two pictures aren’t from Helsinki, just from the same metropolitan area. The City of Espoo is basically the western suburbs of Helsinki plus some forests, fields, lakes and wetlands. The tower block is in Leppävaara, which is one of the centers in Espoo. It is however near the border of Helsinki.

    The marshes in the penultimate photo are in Laajalahti Nature Reserve and I took the picture from a birdwatching tower.

    The last photo is also from the shores of the bay Laajalahti, but not from the nature reserve. Sea level was high and the wild chives growing on the rocks were partly flooded.

    The archipelago pictures are from the Eastern Archipelago of Helsinki, I took a sightseeing cruise in one of the boats that operate from the Market Square.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Charly @ 4

    Yeah, it gets cold, wet and windy there. Also, on smaller skerries, you might have to deal with a legion angry gulls in the spring and summer. They aren’t exactly happy to see you near their nests.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Giliell @ 6

    People (mostly wealthy or lucky) do have summer cottages on the islands. In the first photo, that looks like a sauna on the small island.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    Marcus Ranum @ 9

    The photo is from last week of last June, taken a bit before 10 pm and the water is quite shallow. So, depends. Would you find water at around 12 -- 15 °C (53 -- 59 °F) cold?

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