1. Ice Swimmer says

    The last one features a classic pose. Which I like in this context.

    It’s a marsh or willow tit, I think.

  2. says

    That’s some mighty bright suet.

    Oh, wow… Y’know I just realized I could probably make some amazing suet molds for birds. (runs down to the basement to find that hand grenade…)

  3. wereatheist says

    German name is ‘Kohlmeise’. This is not an homage to our former chancellor Helmut Kohl, nor a reference to cabbage (German: Kohl). It’s a reference to ‘Kohle’=coal.
    Latin: parus maius English: great tit (which fits the Latin meaning)

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    wereatheist @ 6

    This is a fine bird but not a great tit. The breast isn’t yellow with a black stripe. It is either Poecile palustris or Poecile montanus.

  5. says

    Nonono, it’s a marsh tit. Willow tits look quite similar but do not come to gardens.
    The Kohlmeise is the great tit.
    The food is suet with seeds. They are available in many variations. The classical ball shaped ones are called “tit dumplings” with the old joke going that it doesn’t taste like tit at all.

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