1. Desert Son, OM says


    Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in the bees ‘n’ cake thread :)

    The hurtling water-rock orbited the local power plant again!


    I hope this finds you well, warmly embraced by your loved ones, tickled by little rat nuzzles, and delightfully surprised by something beautiful.

    Still learning,


  2. Desert Son, OM says

    Oh, no! Upper respiratory? Back? Caffeine-deficiency? Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Still learning,


  3. says

    I love the makeup. It’d interfere with facial recognition, too. Can we make that a thing? I think I know what I will be wearing next Facial Recognition Day. I have makeup artist friends who can do that. I won’t look as good but maybe “grumpy old cyborg” will become a niche.

  4. says

    Would it? That would be crazy easy to do, I could do that looking in a mirror, and cosmetic contacts are easy enough to get. I’m all for it, I love face painting.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Big sounds. Love the intro.

    I wonder what full beards do to facial recognition algorithms if the lines will interfere with them. I’d imagine the edges of the beard (on cheekbones, under the nose and on the lower lip) will be repeatably recognizable.

  6. says

    Facial recognition doesn’t work all that well to begin with, I expect beards screw with it, and you change the look of a beard from one time to the next.

  7. says

    Ice Swimmer@#7:
    I wonder what full beards do to facial recognition algorithms if the lines will interfere with them.

    Not as much -- facial recognition looks for lines of mouth, jaw, cheek, and nose, relative to eyes. So the lines and the circles might fool the recognizer into mis-placing an eye, which completely throws it off.

    There are these really cool decoration thingies I used to see on ebay (I have a bunch, never used them, meant to use in a photoshoot somehow) that are stick on paper or carbon fiber-printed laser-cut vinyl filigree. Some of them are pretty cool. They make them for eyes and eyelashes. It’d be super cool to have those sort of computer-trace stick-ons. Damn, now I gotta find someone who does custom laser cut stickers.

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