30 Brumaire.

Today marks my 60th birthday. Rather surprised I made it this far. I also have to be at Pain Clinic today, so I’m taking the day. TNET will be open, as always. Have fun, and don’t burn down the blog or anything. See you all tomorrow! Well, scratch that. Just got a phone call canceling my appointment for the second time this month, so you are all stuck with one very cranky person for the day. Who has matches?


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Congratulations on the length of your journey! Trailing you by 17 years and 8 days.

    A box of matches has on average 45 matches. Is one box enough?

  2. Desert Son, OM says

    Happy Birthday! :)

    Also, cranky, yes.

    My mother used to say, “Don’t be ugly,” and that really inhabited my brain like a fungus for a long time. It took years and much therapy to realize what she was really saying was, “Don’t feel something that makes me uncomfortable,” or the short version, “Don’t feel.”

    So, here’s to crankiness, and feeling it as needed. Crankiness has beauty, too. Crankiness has strength, and righteousness, and insight, and energy. Crankiness can help remind us that the world is askew, and likewise we in it, and that need not always feel wrong, but it need not always feel settled or soothed.

    And here’s to analgesic in its variety, as well, that we might navigate pain, and preserve our mind, and preserve ourselves.

    Still learning,


  3. kestrel says

    Happy birthday! Have a nice pack of matches, with really cool artwork on it.

    I don’t blame you one bit for being cranky.

    I’m amazed at that shepherdess. Whenever I carried a lamb like that it would kick the snot out of me. You have to really hang on to them or they will do that.

  4. says

    Desert Son:

    So, here’s to crankiness, and feeling it as needed.

    Hear, hear! Now sucking down a cuppa Kenya AA. Sort of starting to feel human. Maybe. We both now have a full week off, except for Wednesday, have to head into town to the clinic, for Rick this time, not me.

  5. johnson catman says

    Late to the party. Happy birthday Caine. I am less than two years behind you. I hope you are feeling better.

  6. jazzlet says

    I hope you enjoyed burning ‘candles’ on your birthday, just three behind you, it’s such fun getting old /s

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