1. Raucous Indignation says

    So I went down the internet rabbit hole yesterday after our exchange about these pulp novels. Started with the Wiki entry on lesbian pulp fiction which fascinated me. Marion Zimmer Bradley ghost wrote some of the best novels, but I’m not sure I ever heard of the other writers. My BA is in Modern English Literature even if I am a sorta sciencey type now. And then the link following and the googling which has only whet my curiosity. I think I may have a new reading project for the holidays. Now to find the right bookseller.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    And you’re correct. It’s always pick, pick, pick on the artists, what with them challenging our deeply held assumptions about our lives and culture! I don’t even know how you can possibly live with yourself, creating insightful beauty out of nothingness! Bah!

  3. says

    I wouldn’t assume Bradley wrote the best; her writing has been problematic when it comes to sexism. I’ve linked this so many times, I should make it permanent:

    Her books are a good starting point, because they are still in print, and easy to obtain. She was one of the very few writers who defied the ‘characters must be unhappy, straight, or come to a bad end’ edict of the publishers, who were afraid of the censors back in the day, with good reason.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    I know I read some of MZB’s Avalon series, but I don’t have much of a memory of it. I wasn’t surprised to see that a mainstream author wrote in the genre; I’m surprised that she was the only name I knew. I would have guessed that there were quite a few well known male writers who wrote the “virile adventures” meant for male consumption. I saw that Ann Bannon was in the wiki for lesbian pulp fiction. I don’t think I’ve seen you post that link for her wiki before, but I will read the entry.

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