“It’s all just girls, girls, girls playing politics,”

The conservatears of rage and bewilderment are flowing over recent election results. Naturally, it’s all us evil female types who are to blame, and the wimpy excuses for men who allow us to vote. It’s the ruination of Amerikka! Really truly.

CRTV commentator Gavin McInnes, who also leads the bizarre, misogynistic “Proud Boys”* fraternity, said that the historic electionof several openly transgender people to state and local offices earlier this week can be blamed on men allowing women to vote.

More on this absurd Proud Boy nonsense later.

On yesterday’s episode of “Get Off My Lawn,” McInnes was joined by Gateway Pundit’s White House reporter Lucian Wintrich, who joined him in attributing major Republican losses to Democrats campaigning on “identity politics” by putting forward diverse candidates. They went on to attribute the election of transgender people, including Virginia state assembly candidate Danica Roem, to women’s ability to vote.

“The liberals say, ‘Maybe we should give up on identity politics,’ but you look at all the Sikhs and black people and trans who won in this election and all these unprecedented cases. It had nothing to do with policy. It was all identity politics,” McInnes said.

No, it’s not liberals who are all tangled up in “identity politics”. You’re confusing us inclusive types with the white nationalist nazis. Very different groups, so try to get it right. Sikhs, black people, transgender people, oh my! Why the sky will fall any moment, I’m sure. This would be known as having representatives on all levels who actually reflect the make up of our society. Old white men don’t represent most of us, and if they are going to faint at having to work with people of colour and women, perhaps they should retire. Go fishin’ or something.

He continued, “I was looking at those two trannies who won. There’s no substance there at all. And I think it’s because we let women vote. Women have been voting now based on their ‘feels’ for many years. They brought us Obama, no substance.”

Just have to be disrespectful, don’t you? Transgender people. Or y’know, just people. Or women. Or, and this is really radical – the descriptor of their choice. This woman votes on issues, and emotion is not dirty word, you fucking idiot. Perhaps you wouldn’t be so hung up if you allowed your self to feel something other than anger and aggrieved entitlement, Mr. McInnes. No substance? Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, I think we know where all the substanceless hot air is residing.

“It’s all just girls, girls, girls playing politics,” McInnes said.

And loving it. You’re just going to have to suck it up, Mr. McInnes, we aren’t leaving the playing field now.  So you know though, it’s women. We aren’t children.

Wintrich said he wanted to know when liberals would realize that “playing the intersectionality game to elect people” results in “terrible people that are ruining the country.”

We aren’t playing a game. It’s a hell of a lot of work, getting people woke, and using their vote to accomplish progress and positive change. Intersectionality is not a game, it’s vital to having a healthy society. So is inclusion. Granted, this ‘1950s ideal’ you morons clutch might be finally staked into its grave, and that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

“I’m excited to see how badly this tranny actually fucks up Virginia,” Wintrich said.

We don’t need to know what gives you a boner, Mr. Wintrich. Truly. I have no doubt Ms. Roem will not fuck up Virginia in the least, and will probably help Virginia a great deal. As I recall, she was focused on traffic issues, which the citizens of Virginia are also concerned with, so let her get on with her job, you nasty little doucheweasel.

The full mess, with video, is at RWW. Now, about that Proud Boy nonsense…

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters.

I had not heard of the Proud Boys until about a week ago, and I didn’t see the er, whitewashing of them aired on NBS because no television.

The video troupe at NBC Left Field has created a glossy short documentary about the self-described “Western chauvinist” organization Proud Boys, uncritically presenting the group as an all-male “fraternal society of nationalists” aggrieved that men are supposedly under attack in America. The short documentary took statements from Proud Boys members at face value without giving audiences the complete picture of this violent-prone organization, which is actually a gateway to extremism like white supremacy.

Cristina López G has the full story about that one here. This American Life has a transcript available of an extensive interview:


Proud Boys? What drew me to it is the value we place on family. Especially, like, fatherhood. That’s a big deal.

Zoe Chace

The Proud Boys have these rituals, degrees.

Zoe Chace

What’s second degree?


I– I can’t talk about that. I mean, you’ll probably find out soon, but–

Zoe Chace

OK, first degree is declaring you’re a Proud Boy. Second degree is getting punched while you try to name five breakfast cereals, like, to show you can focus your mind while under attack. The third is getting “Proud Boy” tattooed on your body. The Proud Boys have special greetings. Like, they yell “proud of your boy,” or “uhuru” at each other. Which is this pro-Africa socialist slogan. It’s kind of an ironic thing. They have theme songs.


(SINGING) Proud of your boy. Bad as I’ve been, ma, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Zoe Chace

That’s from Aladdin. It’s not in the movie, but it is in the Broadway musical. What interested me in these guys was this thing they believed that I’d been hearing since the beginning of the presidential primaries, that they were feeling marginalized and depressed. This feeling came up so much with guys I talked to during the Trump campaign it seems like one of the driving forces that got him into office. For a lot of people, “Make America Great Again” was about “make men great again.” I kept asking guys to tell me how were you marginalized? Like, what happened to you personally that made you feel like this? But every time I asked, I’d get these grand statements. Like it’s the whole culture that’s against them.


Men are very marginalized. I mean, in a lot of systems too. Especially white males. White males are the most– white male Christians are the most marginalized group in the United States.


We’re seeing more women getting degrees in universities. We’re seeing less boys graduating from college. We’re seeing– we’re seeing a switching of the roles, and I think it should be equal.


Men serve a purpose. You know, we’re biologically different. We’re biologically a binary. Women are magical and beautiful things in what they do. And men are, you know, good at what they do. So I think what it is, being cast into, like, a non– not a second class citizen or role, but like a subcategory.


What about this compulsion to have women in action movies from Ghostbusters to Charlize Theron, she should be James Bond, and–

Zoe Chace

What’s bad about that?


That’s women saying they want to take over male roles. They want to be men.


There’s no day for men besides Father’s Day, and who cares about that. And those are just fathers.

Zoe Chace

But as I got to know them, what surprised me the most was the foundational principle of the Proud Boys, the thing that caused them to band together. Here it is.

Franklin Wright

We do not masturbate except once a month, if you want. But I personally do not and don’t encourage people to do so.

Zoe Chace

This is Franklin Wright. He works at Proud Boy Magazine.

Franklin Wright

And if you do, you have to be within 10 yards of a lady, and it has to be with her consent.

Zoe Chace


Franklin Wright

The whole no-wanks.

Zoe Chace

A quick heads up to listeners. People are going to be saying the word “wank” and its synonyms a lot for the rest of the story. Because the Proud Boys were founded, in part, as a group of men who refrain from masturbating.

Franklin Wright

It’s more of a religion. Like, you can be a first degree Proud Boy, and no wanks is not a requirement. So you can be a Proud Boy and masturbate all you want. No problem. When you become initiated within the second degree, then you must adhere to no-wanks.

That’s just a small part of it. Hit the link for the full thing. I’m not even going to try to address this fucking nonsense, because I am damn tired of white boys men claiming to be oh so boo hoo oppressed, the most oppressed of any group for all history.


  1. johnson catman says

    re Proud Boys: Yeah, I am a white male, and my eyes were rolling so hard I started getting dizzy. Stupid fuckheads. How’s about they go off and start their own country in a cave somewhere. And don’t come back out.

  2. blf says

    There are lots of exoplanets out there, a one way trip could be arranged. Not only with a destination outside the solar system, but outside the galaxy. Maybe with an, ahem, “refueling” stop at a friendly Block Hole Event Horizon station — albeit these eejits are so dense it would be the black hole which at-risk.

  3. says

    There’s no substance there at all.

    Weird. From what I’ve read of Danica Roem after she won was that a big contributing factor in her victory is that she stuck to issues and let her opponent do nothing but attack.

    I’d be curious as to what McInnes thinks is “substance” in a candidate, but I just ate lunch.

  4. rq says

    You know, all this talk about magical women is making me outright jealous that I don’t actually have any magic at all. Am I a woman, then? Where’s my fucking magic? I have about 90 billion ways I would like to use it right now.

  5. militantagnostic says

    Of course racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia are totes rational and not “feels”.

    My spellchecker accepts “homophobia” and objects to “transphobia” -- Get with the times Firefox.

  6. says

    I do think it’s time to have a serious discussion about whether the experiment of letting men into the workforce and politics is going to be a success. We need to face up to the apparent fact that men are incapable of behaving themselves, without fucking up. They’re emotionally brittle, too concerned with appearances, and they simply can’t keep their dicks in their pants and out of the potted plants. It’s a shame that a majority of them have ruined it for the rest.

  7. militantagnostic says

    I’m excited to see how badly this tranny actually fucks up Virginia.

    A modern automatic transmission has more brain power than any of the Republican incumbatents that were defeated. Electing an actual gearbox would have be an improvement, never mind a smart, courageous trans woman.

  8. says


    I do think it’s time to have a serious discussion about whether the experiment of letting men into the workforce and politics is going to be a success.

    Men, particularly white men, have had thousands of years at the helm. They have now reached:

    1) Women bad unless in kitchen and pregnant. No voting. No higher schooling.

    2) No masturbating because, uh, well, bad.

    3) No more women in man roles in movies.

    4) Lots of “Men” Days.

  9. blf says

    No more women in man roles in movies

    Apropos of nothing much, just yesterday I was reading some articles (and watching some interviews) about the mostly-1960s British “spy-fi” TV series The Avengers. After the initial season with two male actors (Ian Hendry and Patrick Macnee), Mr Hendry quit. Mr Macnee, playing John Steed, became the solo male actor, and Honor Blackman, playing Cathy Gale, replaced Mr Hendry. Literally. They didn’t bother to change the scripts (excepting trivialities like character names), so Ms Blackman was playing a part written for the lead male actor: Her character was therefore doing things male heroes did in those days — with the added bonus Cathy Gale was obviously smarter than John Steed.

  10. whirlwitch says

    When I started reading the interview, I thought it was a parody. I had to scroll back up and read it again with the knowledge it was “serious”. Scarequotes because of the limit to how seriously I or most anyone else can take this.

  11. whirlwitch says

    Argh. Appending a second comment to clarify that I take movement misogyny, bigotry and violence seriously, just not “no-wanks” or initiation rituals involving breakfast cereal names.

  12. says


    I had to scroll back up and read it again with the knowledge it was “serious”.

    I read the NBC article first, but I had the exact same sensation and reaction. I even checked to make sure it was for real serious. The whole thing is so damned absurd, it’s hard to put it into words. White men, trying so damn hard to be superextraspecial.

    I’ve found myself thinking lately that maybe we need to bring back men’s clubs, with men only membership. Let them have their little exclusive clubs, and they’ll probably calm right down.

  13. Curious Digressions says

    “Identity politics” is an issue of substance. You’d only say that someone’s identity didn’t inform their point of view if you’d never considered that a point of view could be different from your own.

    “Proud Boys” are appropriating from the celtic punk music scene. The artists would be disgusted by this bunch of no-wankers.

    Speaking of, they can stop telling random people what they do with their genitals any time. Do what you want with them, guys, but having denial of physicality as a core of your philosophy is never a good sign.

  14. says

    Curious Digressions:

    Speaking of, they can stop telling random people what they do with their genitals any time.

    Oh, that would be so nice. So very nice.

  15. blf says

    “Proud Boys” are appropriating from the celtic punk music scene. The artists would be disgusted by this bunch of no-wankers.

    Yeee gads, yes! It’s not just celtic punk, but also other modern-day interpertations of various European traditions.

  16. Raucous Indignation says

    Marcus, I cannot agree more. I have long acknowledged that saving the broken planet and corrupt republic we are leaving to our children will fall on the shoulders of women. Primarily women of color because OMFG have you seen how some of these Betsy’s behave?

  17. DLC says

    “Proud Boys” who seem to be proud of never masturbating ? No offense lads, but if I feel like having a wank in the privacy of my own room I shall do so, and if you don’t like it, you can go jump in a hole. The whole group of them sound like fools who read The Lord of the Flies and decided it was a life instruction book.

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