Vala is the very picture of annoyed right now, she wants to paint. None of this silly marker business, where she has to stay off the paper, can’t eat markers, and the biggest annoyance of all, no leaving lovely little drops and streams of piss all over everything.

© C. Ford.


  1. says

    :Laughs: Vala certainly is, but she really does enjoy painting, and highly dislikes being limited to my lap when I work on other things.

  2. blf says

    Rats, at least when not in their forty-foot form factor, are very useful artistic instruments. You can dip the nose in ink and use as a quill-nosed pen, rats rolled in paint make a wide brush or roller, and for detail work, there is an easy-to-grasp tail. They like to chew on things and so are good at roughening surfaces, as well as trimming and cutting. And the pee is a superb glue.

    For the musically inclined, it is possible to make an xylophone out of rats, albeit mice are more common.

    Forty-foot high rats are good for removing roofs and buildings to install larger or outdoors works. Foot-foot high rats are also useful when dealing with critics, trolls, horses and peas.

  3. says

    Yes, rats are excellent artistic instruments! :D I haven’t tried rolling Vala in paint, but I doubt she’d object, as long as it was a colour she liked the taste of and all.

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