1. kestrel says

    I have a neighbor who grows the most amazing dahlias… BUT, he also, very luckily, has a huge greenhouse where he can house the bulbs in the winter. I’ve learned that is pretty much the only way to keep them good year after year, dig up the bulbs and store them where it’s cold but not freezing. I really love them but man that is a lot of work.

    Also, nice work, Vala! What a good helper. :-)

  2. says

    She assists all the time! It’s difficult keeping her off the keyboard. She’s fascinated with it, and loves the the noise it makes when I’m typing. She’s also always switching it over to the Lakota keyboard. And all caps.

  3. says

    Yes, she’s very opinionated, and not shy in expressing herself. Mostly she does this by trying to pee all over my hands, especially when I’m typing. When that doesn’t work, she just goes directly for the keyboard.

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