Little Things.

Mica powder mixes beautifully with transparent airbrush paint, imparting a lovely warmth. Note to self: next time, genius, do your mixing in another room, and remember to wash your hands. That shit gets everywhere. I’ll be dealing with it 5 years from now.


  1. says

    Oh! How cool you found a use for it!! (happydance)

    I sometimes put it in soap or lotion. If you’ve ever seen a shimmery hand cream, it’s just a pinch of mica.

  2. kestrel says

    @chigau, #4: At a guess, I’d say they look like they are very happy and sparkly. :-D

    Looking great!

    Some of the hills around here are micaceous and glisten in the rain. It looks pretty awesome. I love the idea of putting the powder in paint. Some horses have a metallic gleam to them, hmmmmm….

  3. says

    Chigau, no idea, and not interested in finding out. The mica went back up on a very high shelf. In Painting with Vala, she once again came over, climbed on top of the paint water cup, pushed the brushes aside, and had a bath. Then she gnawed on a paintbrush, hopped down, checked all the fresh paints on the palette (none worth eating today), flipped two ink bottles over to check the bottoms (I capped them; but rats always have to see the bottom of things, could be a meal under there, or a door), then got to the bottle of ink I was using, before I had a chance to cap it, and tipped it. I did have the foresight to place the bottle on a small dish.

    Kestrel, thanks! I’d say mica powder could be safely placed on a Palomino.

  4. rq says

    could be a meal under there, or a door

    Seriously, you never know when you’ll need a quick exit.


    The colours seem particularly intense, and I’m going to blame it on the mica. This is going to be another stunner.

  5. says


    Seriously, you never know when you’ll need a quick exit.

    Rat Life Philosophy 101, that. :D Just about to get progress pics up.

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