1. kestrel says

    Can’t really say why. But to me, “Earth pigments” means “horses”. As in painting them. Excited to see what happens next…

  2. rq says

    I think I have a similar association but that’s mostly because horses seem to be all shades of earth pigments, more so than cats or dogs (to me). (Also in this case there is a clear horse-painting precedent going on.) But yes. Excitement!

  3. says

    Traditionally, these are mixed with hide glue for painting tipis. But yes, similar is also used to paint actual horses. :D

  4. blf says

    No no no… the best — as in most effective — method of painting a horse is with comprehensive application of ignited flamethrower. If it’s yer first horse, you may wish to have it(the horse) nailed down, to provide safer practice in flamethrownpainting, as being eaten by your subjecttarget is a nuisance.

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