The Worm Turns.

Sean Spicer.

It seems that yet one more thing the Tiny Tyrant has never learned is that when you shove people about, run them down, then kick them out the door, they don’t have much motivation when it comes to staying quiet. A new lawsuit is tarnishing the Tiny Tyrant, and Sean Spicer has spilled the truth all over NPR, in spite of earlier denials, when he was still employed by the regime.

A defamation lawsuit filed by longtime Fox News contributor Rod Wheeler against the network alleges that President Trump was directly involved in concocting a fake story intended to undercut the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russian hackers waged cyberattacks against Democratic targets to help him get elected.


The lawsuit claims that Butowsky and Zimmerman hoped the story “would debunk reports the Russian were responsible for the DNC hacks” and “undermine reports of collusion between Russia and the Trump Administration.” It claims that in the weeks ahead of the article’s publication, Butowsky was in touch with then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House strategist Steve Bannon, and Department of Justice spokesperson Sarah Flores “regarding his efforts related to Seth Rich.” Wheeler says he and Butowsky met with Spicer “and provided him with a copy of [Wheeler’s] investigative notes.”

But the day the story was published, Spicer denied having foreknowledge of the Fox News report, saying during the White House press briefing that “I’m not aware of that… it would be highly inappropriate to do that.”

Spicer has now changed his story. He confirmed to NPR that he met with Butowsky after all.

Tsk. How you treat people matters, and there are always consequences to how you treat them. Yet another basic life lesson unlearned by the yawning void of ego sitting in the white house.

Think Progress has the full story.


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    Trump displays a remarkably extreme case of the worst stereotypical American CEO behavior: expectation of loyalty/shows none, incompetence, bluster, “just do it” tractics instead of strategic thinking, short-term market-driven goals. The whole bit. I’ve worked for a few of that kind of asshole and I’ve always assumed most politicians are like that (and they pretty much appear to be) Trump’s just extra assholey for a politician, AND a lousy leader and organizer. He’s a perfect shitstorm.

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