A Congress of Galahs.

Beautiful shots from David, who notes: In Australia, galah is not just the name of a bird, it is also a derogatory term that means a “loud-mouthed idiot. I think the solo bird in the last photo looks quite Trumpian. Click for full size!

© David, all rights reserved.


  1. Brian English says

    I don’t get the perjorative Galah. I feed wild cockatoos everyday. The Sulphur crested are the bastards. They’re all Trumpian, but it’s cute when a foot long bird struts about and doesn’t have access to military. The long billed Corellas are more demure. Somewhat respectable in appearance. You’re Little Correllas are cute as whatever, but still have a streak.

    But Galahs are just plain shy and cute, they don’t do much, not even silly antics that Sulphur crested and Corellas do.

    All Cockatoos that I’ve got experience with act silly. All of them rip shit out trees/furniture/whatever (Excluding Cockateels, because they are the Homo Floriensis of Cockatoos) except Galahs, which just hang back and be pink and grey. The perjorative should be ‘You sulphur crested!’. We can’t say ‘You cocky!’ as that means, ‘you farmer who has many cockatoos eating the roots of your crop that it looks like you’re farming cockatoos!’
    They don’t excel at wrecking any tree they fance to roost on, sorry Lofty, that’s Corellas and Sulphur crested (and probably Gang-Gangs, Palm Cockatoos and Black Cockatoos).

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