Thoroughly Modern … Trump.

Donald J. Trump: “My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!

FFS. I don’t even, I, uh.

Via Raw Story, which also has select responses.


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    I liked some o fthe responses. Especially “Coal powered tweets by Trump.” and “Making America Analog Again.”.

    AFAIK Trump does not use internet on PC, does not even have e-mail. He only watches TV and uses his phone for tweeting. In this regard, my similarly old parents are much more modern and of course much more dignified (which is a low bar to pass so let me quantify that -- they pass that particular bar very, very high).

    I am ashamed of the fact that our president admires trump and has emulated many of his behaviours even before Trump became president. In Czech we have a saying “Bad examples are catchy”. It is usually used as a warning against not-correcting bad behaviours in groups of children as soon as they pop up, because those behaviours then spread quickly. Who would have knonw that one day it might apply not only for kindergarten class, but also for government officials across the globe.

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    Yes, bad examples are catchy, and boy, do we have a bad example. No, Trump doesn’t have one clue about the internet, he can’t even send an email, something most 70 year old people don’t have any problems doing. He relies on Melania to do the internet trawling for what people are saying about him.

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