1. Kengi says

    What a lovely little chickadee. I really like the way the feathers on the back of the crest come up just a little bit for a more dashing appearance. Beautiful capture.

  2. says

    Thanks, Lofty.

    Thank you, Kengi! One of the best things I ever did was to pull one of the fallen tree limbs over to behind and by the side of the hanging tray. The birds love it, they can walk up to the tray, or decide to go down to ground, and often stop and pose there. It’s a good use of fallen limbs, too.

  3. Kengi says

    Nice idea on the fallen limb. We have a row of trees just beyond the feeders, so I’m good in that respect (as you’ve seen in the pictures). I’ve got a tangled mess with a downed tree in the backyard among other trees, bushes and vines (including wild grapes). The cardinals nest somewhere in there.

    Our chickadees tend to flit in from the bushes on the sides, grab a peanut, then fly off right away. They used to spend more time at the feeder, but as we have gotten more larger birds, they wait for their turn then zoom in and out. Same with the nuthatches.

    We definitely have Baltimore orioles already. I saw a pair a few days ago, and the male has been coming back, picking at various food in the different feeders. Still need to get some blasted oranges! I just keep forgetting them when at the store. I’ll make a run in the morning…

    When we have oranges we can sometimes get a pair to nest in the trees next to the house. A few years back we had an oriole nest close outside an upstairs window, but didn’t know about it until the leaves fell off in the fall. But that explained why we had a pair constantly at the feeders that year.

  4. says

    Yep, we have the massive downed tree thicket too, home to mass amounts of sparrows and others. Even bunnies. :D

    Oh, Orioles! Love them so, and I never get very many, and I won’t see them here until it’s much warmer, but yes, time for oranges soon. The ladies will show for suet, but nothing gets them like a good orange.

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