1. rq says

    You’re missing (and I really hate to pick at the details, you know?) a nice outdoor lounging couch up against that wall there, in front of the BBQ. Just to ensure that no spare movement is required. Other than that -- mood: ideal. Looooove the colours -- did you paint the house to match, or is the tree being obliging? ;)

  2. says

    We borrowed the house off our friends up the road, they chose the colour months ago. For our arrival in the late afternoon the thin bright clouds just lit up the vine leaves like they were in love with the house. Another week, a storm, the leaves would be gone. The fact that the barbeque is still in the picture just shows how amateur a photographer I am, anyone half experienced would have shoved it aside to get the full effect of the glowing wall. But I still like the picture a lot.

  3. says

    Oh and they have fierce mosquitoes there, it’s not very far from a big freshwater lake. We ate indoors.

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