Play Break.

Playing with hydrophilic beads again, thanks to Marcus, who is responsible for a great deal of displacement activity on my part. That’s actually good for me, so I’m thankful. :D




© C. Ford.


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    They feel super amazingly cool and are great fun to play with. Contact me if you want some (I have a lot and they are easty to mail)

    Most interesting to me is how they bounce. If you drop one on the floor (which is likely because they are springy and squooshy) it’s not quite like a superball.

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    Yes, they are too like a superball! Damn things bounce all over the place. I’ve had to chase several, because I don’t want the rats eating them.

    They are very fun to handle and play with, though. Fun to bounce, too.

    Oh, and I can’t not think about colour!

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