The Gulliver Prophecy.

Here’s one I had never heard of, and it dates back to 2005. It’s being revived. This uh, prophecy is detailed at “The Prophetic Ministry & Resources of Bob & Bonnie Jones with Lyn Kost.” It’s actually yet another fevered dream, which is more akin to an acid trip than prophecy.

During last week’s POTUS Shield conference in Ohio, speakers made repeated references to a prophecy that Ohio would be the spark for the next Great Awakening, with some citing a “Gulliver” prophecy to explain the selection of cities for upcoming POTUS Shield events.

I’ve been getting the idea that the Potus Shield people are getting increasingly desperate, as the anticipated waves of glory washing over their chosen Trump hasn’t happened. Well, let’s take a trip with Gulliver.

The Gulliver prophecy explains why many believe that “God has set Ohio aside as a hub for His glory to go out from.” Here’s how it is described:

While in a conference in Cincinnati, Ohio Bob had a vision of a great man, who in the past had fallen asleep.  He was lying on his back, half-covered in dirt, and his name was Gulliver.  Little people from a place of little input had completely tied him down, and he was waking up from being asleep for the past 38 years.  We can also call him (Gulliver) the Body of Christ.  Bob saw that the head of this very large man was in Cleveland, Ohio, in a place called “Jacob’s field.”

The next thing Bob saw was a large, center pole of a tent coming up out of Columbus, Ohio. This was His heart. Powerful signs and wonders will come up out of Columbus, greater than we’ve ever seen before, that will look like a canopy over the region. Explosions of miracles and healings will be the hallmark of this city.

Cincinnati was the place where the reproduction organs were. Reproducing of the Kingdom will be evidenced here in priestly and kingly anointing.

The left hand of this large man was in Philadelphia, which had teaching and great love in it. The right hand extended west and came to rest in Indianapolis, Indiana. It began to flex, and the cords that were around it to keep it tied down, were beginning to snap off like rubber bands.

The left foot was in Charlotte, North Carolina, and there was a great television with it, so they televised the gospel all around the world. The right foot was in Nashville, Tennessee, where great faith is beginning to raise up.

This great man finally began to get up, breaking off all restraints and planting both of his feet in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bob said, “God means to take Ohio, then move over to Indianapolis and up into Illinois, crossing over into the east and finally standing completely upright in Atlanta.” The Lord told Bob that to take Atlanta would mean capturing the whole south.

What is it with these zealots and their very strange interpretations of literature? We recently had a mangling of Tolkien, and now this, uh, stew of weirdness. I can’t help but note that the giant penis and scrotum are mentioned – one thing Christians can never seem to do is pull their noses out of one crotch or another. In terms of poetic mangling, I think the explosions of miracles should have been placed in Cincinnati.

When you actually read the bible, whichever version, you never get the impression that Jehovah is terribly big on being knowledgeable, rather like those men who made up the stories, so I figure it wasn’t much a one for reading books. Oh, but perhaps movies are Jehovah’s bag, and this is why they so frequently end up being mangled into prophecy. Or perhaps it’s just a bunch of bullshit. I’ll opt for the latter.

This is not the Bob Jones who founded the famously racist fundamentalist university, but a guy who supposedly met the archangel Gabriel when he was seven years old and was given a mantle as a “Seer Prophet.”

Jones was removed from a Kansas City ministry in 1991 after admitting that he had used his “gifts” to manipulate women and engage in sexual misconduct, but that didn’t end his prophetic career.

No, of course it didn’t, what with that convenient get out of jail free card built into Christianity. I expect there weren’t any actual consequences at all. :Reads article: Nope, no actual consequence.

The prophets of POTUS Shield have clearly decided that the Gulliver prophecy was a divine revelation. There are plans for upcoming POTUS Shield events in Charlotte, which will be hosted by Joyner, as well as Nashville and Indianapolis. POTUS Shield will be partnering with Lou Engle to bring versions of his prayer rallies—branded as “The Call”—to Cleveland this summer and to Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend in 2018, which POTUS Shield leader Frank Amedia noted would be right before the mid-term elections.

Divine revelation. Someone makes up some very weird shit about Gulliver’s Travels, of all things, a work that Swift himself said was set to vex the world, not divert it. Obviously, the satire went completely over their heads, if someone actually read it, which is doubtful. Jones probably saw the Disney version, drank some suspect kool-aid, then had his ‘divine revelation.’ While it’s easy enough to dismiss this nonsense, the efforts of the Religious Reich to bring about a theocracy should not be dismissed. For all the silliness, we do need to pay attention.

RWW has the full story.


  1. rq says

    In terms of poetic mangling, I think the explosions of miracles should have been placed in Cincinnati.

    Dunno, I saw it a bit different:

    The next thing Bob saw was a large, center pole of a tent coming up out of Columbus, Ohio.

    I’m not sure, but that doesn’t sound too much like a heart to me… unless you want to redefine ‘heart’ as something significantly lower than the chest and closer to the actual center of the body. Sort of.
    Especially when that passage ends with:

    Explosions of miracles and healings will be the hallmark of this city.

    I do wonder at the symbolism of the reproductive organs being in Philadelphia, but okay… okaaaaay.

  2. says

    Yes, the big pole thing was…weird. The dream says the ‘reproductive organs’ are in Cincinnati, which is why it would have made more sense for the ‘explosions’ to be there.

  3. rq says

    Can’t wait to see them take on Star Wars, with those lightsabers spraying Light everywhere in all directions…

  4. busterggi says

    “The next thing Bob saw was a large, center pole of a tent coming up out of Columbus, Ohio. ”

    Seriously, its 2017 and these people still believe tent shows are more influential than the web?

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    … a place of little input…

    When I saw that, it seemed perhaps a bit of literate wit had begun. Alas, ’twas but a mirage.

    … asleep for the past 38 years.

    Since 1979. 1979? The Iranian revolution knocked the US unconscious until now? I had a really memorable year then, but I try to keep such things out of other people’s revelations…

    We can also call him (Gulliver) the Body of Christ.

    Blasphemy -- and not against that Jesus guy!

    … the head of this very large man was in Cleveland… Columbus… was His heart… Cincinnati was the place where the reproduction organs were. … The left hand … was in Philadelphia… The right hand … in Indianapolis, Indiana. …

    So this guy looked like a fun-house mirror image, or Reed Richards on acid, or a terribly mangled corpse. Okay, as an image of the US body politic, this just might work.

    … Gulliver’s Travels… if someone actually read it, which is doubtful.

    I wanna know how the stolen-from-Rabelais putting-out-the-fire-in-the-capital-city scene plays out! And (my fave) the Brobdingnagian ladies’ dressing room! and who gets to be the Houyhnhnms?

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