The Danger of Being An Idiot.


ABC News this week talked with North Carolina resident Martha Brawley, a 55-year-old woman who cast a ballot for the first time in her life for Donald Trump.

Emphasis mine. <Inarticulate Rage>.

“I voted for Trump hoping that he would change the insurance so I could get good health care,” she told ABC News. “I might as well have not voted.”

Brawley was particularly upset when she learned that, under Trumpcare, she would receive a paltry $3,500 tax credit to buy insurance. At the moment, she gets a federal subsidy of around $8,688 to buy insurance from Obamacare.

<Wanders off to scream and to try and not punch holes in walls>

And I’m supposed to have sympathy for these fucking idiots? No.

Via Raw Story.


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    No, of course the establishment hasn’t tried to make sure there was a large population of ignorant people. Because ignorant people can’t figure out that 8688 is great than 3500.

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    This is incredibly rage inducing, I, wosljdooiehkewjnkdfha;ffs. (That ffs at the end was not intentional!)

    It’s just, I, don’t even know what to say, beyond sputtering, the stupidity is beyond bearing. And now, every fucking stupid, ignorant, immoral Trumphole is coming out of the woodwork to claim they were tapped by Pres. Obama, so that’s proof that…what? No, I have no evidence, but it’s proof!

    All this is being done to keep all the Trumpholes distracted, give them a finger to point to, while they are busy destroying the fucking world. Christ, we’re going to be done in by idiots.

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    I can’t figure this out. It feels like she might have a hatred towards Democrats. Why else would she suggest that no other candidate was deserving of her vote? But why would someone with such a hatred be voting for only the first time? It seems a bit strange…though, having grown up in conservative North Dakota, I could see someone picking up on the hatred for Democrats in the culture around them even if they typically can’t be bothered to go vote themselves. OK, I guess I’ve talked myself out of it a bit.
    I guess it is terribly frustrating, and depressing, how people are, well, like sheep in that they mindlessly follow the herd. :(

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    Ms. Brawley was eligible to vote in 1979. She didn’t express any hatred towards democrats to the point of voting for Reagan. Or Bush Sr. Or Bush Jr.

    This is one of the reasons for the inarticulate rage. People who are such ignorant, apathetic dumbfucks get glitter in their eyes listening to another ignorant dumbfuck, but hey, he was on reality TV, and decides to vote. I don’t even have enough contempt.

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