Irony Explosion of the Day, Oh My.

Compedium maleficarum of Francesco Mario Guazzo, published in 1608.

Compedium maleficarum of Francesco Mario Guazzo, published in 1608.

Lance Wallnau is at it again, more purple in prose than ever, with the assorted demonics, this time with a focus on zombies and witches, oh my! Spoiler: everyone liberal is a zombie, witch, or wombie/zitch.

The media and the left, he said, are working to whip up opposition from among a small percentage of Americans who he said are “wired like zombies” as part of a relentless effort to overturn the will of millions of American voters who supported Trump.

Wallnau said that Christians would not believe “the extent of funding, malice, organization and intentionality behind the protests, the discontent, and the exaggeration and manipulation, mind control and witchcraft that is coming from the media” for the purpose of undermining Trump.

“The left cannot stomach losing an election without having an absolutely visceral meltdown and many of them are so zombified that they’re taken captive by a spirit,” he said. “They have so bought into lies that the lies control them and they have an unreal bubble around their head.”

Liberals “don’t have a filter for their brain,” Wallnau said, and so “they’ve sucked in the toxic poisoning of what they were taught in school, what their friends say to them and what they watch on toxic news channels.”

Holy Projection, Batman! This is such a remarkable case of projection and cognitive dissonance, it should be subject for study. The liberals finally decide to stand up and do something, after one very long hiatus, and the cons just can’t handle this in the least. After more than eight long years of screaming, yelling, the formation of the batshit tea party, attempted legal actions, and so on, over the horror of a black president, but we’re the ones who are evil wombies. Uh huh.

Via RWW.

There’s video at the link, if you can cope.


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