Thierry Bornier.

"Hani Terraces". Images courtesy of the artist.

“Hani Terraces”. Images courtesy of the artist.


"Floating Nets"

“Floating Nets”


"Huangshan Falls"

“Huangshan Falls”

Thierry Bornier started out as an amateur photographer. The story of his journey is an amazing one, you can read all about it at The Creator’s Project. About that last photo:

…the second, and perhaps even more evocative, is “Huangshan Falls.” Bornier recalls his conversation with several older, local Chinese men after he snapped the photograph. They told him that this type of weather effect occurred only once every hundred years. They had been coming for decades waiting for this moment and he had captured it. It is additionally profound that this photograph has zero post-production. It is the wild, Chinese landscape alone that resides in the beauty of this natural, unadulterated image and it is why Bornier loves what he does: clouds flowing over the hills without the aid of a slowed shutter speed or the manipulation of a blur effect. It is landscape photography in its most basic, and yet ironically most surreal, form.

Thierry Bornier at The Creators Project. *  Thierry Bornier’s website.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The colours in the first are striking as they are in the other terrace field photos. Also the oasis picture in the Creators Project page is strong.

  2. rq says

    I’m sorry, I’m looking for my jaw, which seems to have dropped away.
    I love the first for the stained-glass painting effect (and I see from his site there are several like that). And the last for the faded colours and the softness of the flowing clouds. The cover picture for the gallery at his site is pure gold.

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