1. blf says

    Whilst heading out to lunch today, I solved a recent ex-dino mystery here at the lair: For some weeks now, I’ve noticed increased flying rat (pigeon) activity in / near the circular staircase connecting the outside street door with the interior main lair door: Flying rats perching on the window-sill, or sometimes inside the building, on the staircase. My guess was they were confusing the mildly deranged you-know-who with a flying rat fancier (pigeon is tasty, but even she wouldn’t eat a village pest).

    What was happening is they’d discovered a opening in the interior wall near some exposed pipes they could fit into, and were obviously sheltering there. I startled not one, but two, of the monsters, and saw them egress from the opening and fly out through a missing pane in the nearby window.

    That pane-hole is now sealed. Heh heh heh cackles

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