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There will be no politics here today. No reporting of ugly people doing ugly things. No evil assholes. Today, I’m going to ignore reality, and dive into all the good things, art, photography, cool stuff, neat science, the whimsical, geeky, fun, and informative, all that. If you’re paying attention to reality today, and need a break, I’ll do my best to provide one, all day long.


  1. says


    Are we allowed to post links to our own art?

    Absolutely! You can do that in this thread, or in the endless thread, or, if you’d like your work to have your own post, send the link to me via email. (my e-address is on the sidebar).

  2. blf says

    Some artwork, colourful clothing, and so on, for today, Epiphany celebrated in Ethiopia (pictures): “The annual Timkat festival, an Orthodox Christian celebration of Epiphany, remembers the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river. During the festival, tabots, models of the Ark of the Covenant, are taken from churches around the city of Gondar and paraded through the streets to Fasilides Bath”.

    I myself particularly like the photo captioned “Women pose for a selfie during the celebration”.

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