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    Another example of the ongoing erasure. People simply do not want us to exist. And if we must, can’t we stay on the rez and be quiet, because you know, we’re the losers and stuff, should be grateful.

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    Of course. My parents actually learned this last year, at which point they told my brother and me. It was yet another reason to add to the list of reasons Black Friday is evil and should not exist.

    And Native American Heritage Day should be a federally recognized national holiday during which businesses should be closed.

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    Until a few years back I did not know what black friday is, until e-shops here started to peddle that bullshit too and I had to look it up. Ever since then I each year consistently ignore the push to spend money on crap I do not want/need.

    Until this year I did not know tha there is such a thing as an Indigenous people day in USA.

    Until now I did not know that it was set-up in this nonsensical and disrespectful manner. But I guess I should not have been surprised.

    Until now I also did not Native Americans serve in the army proportionally much more than any other demographic.

    Now I know more than I did a few moments ago.

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